Main Events

Looking for cool stuff? Well, you found it! Find out some major happenings over the three-day weekend!

Opening Ceremonies

VIP Meet and Greet (for VIP ticket holders ONLY)

Cosplay Contest

AMV Contest

Cosplay Lipsync Contest

Formal Ball

Saturday Night Dance

Closing Ceremonies

Guest Panels:

How Does I Voice Act? With Marianne Miller 

I Am Panelist (and so can you) (Vitamin H)

Cherami Leigh Q&A 

Bryce Papenbrook Talks Anime 

Greggo's Game Shows: Anime Press Your Luck 

Ninja Sword Class (Samurai Dan & Jillian)

KAZHA Concert 

Little Kuriboh After Dark 

Samurai Dan, I'm so dumb!

Greggo's New Pokémon Game Show: Pointless

Bryce Papenbrook & Cherami Leigh talk SOA

Zach Callison Q&A Part 1 

Zach Callison Q&A Part 2

Little Kuriboh Unabridged 

Greggo's Game Shows: Play Your Cards Right 

KAZHA Acoustic Show and Q&A 

Portrayal of Women and POCs in Media w/ Marianne Miller 

Ninja Olympics (Samurai Dan & Jillian)

Greggo's Game Shows: Farkle 

History of Sharp Shiny Pointy Things (Samurai Dan & Jillian)

Weapons Policy