Formal Ball

Make your own luck and dance the night away!

You guessed it! The theme this year is Lucky Number 7/Casino Theme!

We strongly encourage people to come in our theme style for the year! (Don't worry! You can still attend even if you don't match the theme!)

Our ball is FORMAL ATTIRE (or formal-styled cosplay). We ask that all who wish to attend wear formal attire to gain admittance. As this is a requirement for the event and sets it apart from a regular dance party, our staff will turn you away at the door if you do not meet our attire requirements.

What constitutes formal attire, you may ask?

Dresses, gowns, suits, tuxedos, button-up shirts with slacks and belt, ties and bow ties, and more!

What is not allowed?

T-shirts, jeans, flip-flops, crocs, athletic shoes, hoodies, shorts

NOTE: Our official photographers may not be in formal attire. They are the only exception to the formal attire rule. They will have a media badge.

If you have a question about if your outfit is considered formal attire, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our staff will help you. 

This event is included in your ABC pass and does not require any additional tickets or reservations. However, as with any major event, entry will be first come, first served to ensure we do not exceed room capacity.

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