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Panel Applications for Anime Blues Con 2017 are closed!
Thanks everyone for submitting!

​We consider submissions from everyone. Proposals are evaluated both individually and against similar types of proposals. To help you focus your proposal, here's a list of items that will really get you noticed.

We like proposals for panels that:

  • Directly involve anime, manga or other Japanese culture. For example, a well-planned proposal that features an anime will take priority over an equally well-planned proposal that features an outside fandom, such as American comics or movies. Having said that, we do have a certain amount of leniency, especially if the fandom is large (in other words, we've received a lot of proposals for it) or overlaps Anime Blues Con main fandoms in some way.
  • Are well-planned and have supporting materials. The proposal is our first glimpse of how you communicate and what you want to do at Anime Blues. Make sure it's well-written and try to include evidence that the panel will be successful. If you can't include something in the online form (such as a picture), email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (make sure to include your name and the panel name for reference).
  • Are engaging and interactive. We like lectures, too, but a proposal that introduces a creative way to communicate with the audience really catches our eyes.
  • Are more than dressing in character and showing up. You can certainly submit "in-character" panels, but we'd like to see more than, "come ask your favorite character a question" in the description. If you have support for your panel going well in the past, such as videos, we'd like to see that, too.
  • Don't involve physicality. We know that "battle chess" and other such games are super fun, but we don't have the room or oversight to make sure they run safely, unfortunately.
  • Don't involve food. Food is fun and delicious but not allowed by our convention center. 
  • Aren't speed or blind dates. You can definitely submit a proposal, but please know that we're pretty strict with planning these sorts of events. We have to make sure that all our guests are comfortable and safe, after all. That being said, Anime Blues Con is a huge gathering of people with interests just like yours – any event could be the place you meet your new best friend!
  • Panels for all audience age groups are welcome. Just make sure to let us know your panel is 18+ if it is for more adult audiences!

If you have any other questions about this information or the panelist proposal form, please send an email to, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How it Works:

Now that you have a few guidelines, here's a quick rundown of how the process works:

  • You submit your proposal online ON OR BEFORE May 1st.
  • Once your panel has been submitted, you will see a confirmation page that lets you know we have received your panel.
  • Make sure that you check your emails, in case one of our Track Directors need to contact you.
  • Your panel will be entered into the decision process.
  • The committee will meet roughly once a month to place proposals in one of three buckets
    • Approved
    • Tentative
    • Denied
  • You'll be notified of your status via email.
  • During the decision process, we'll also be in touch with any questions we have about your proposal.

It's important to note that this process isn't first-come-first-served. For example, if we get a really good proposal about something only loosely connected to anime early on, we'll often put it in the tentative bucket until we're sure we have space on the schedule.

Frequently asked Questions:

How can I make my proposal more attractive?

There are several tricks for writing good proposals, but here are a few that really make your proposal pop to us:

  • Proofread your work. Use word-processing software to create your write up, and have a knowledgeable friend look it over for you. This is our first look at how you communicate – and communication is key to a successful panel!
  • Take time to really explain your experience and why you're the best person to run this panel. If you've uploaded a video of panels you've hosted in the past, give us the link. If you have an online portfolio, give us the link. Take the opportunity to show us how awesome you are.
  • Make sure your content is relevant to the con. The world of fandom is wide and varied… and overlapping. First and foremost, Anime Blues Con focuses on anime, manga and other elements of Japanese culture. These panels take priority. If there are slots available or we receive an overwhelming amount of proposals, we do allow other fandom focused panels.

Basically, the more thought and planning you put into your proposal, the better. We should feel confident that you've covered all your bases when we read it.

How long until I hear back from you?

  • That depends. There's no set timetable. The decision committee will meet roughly once a month, so communication speed really depends on where in that cycle we receive your proposal. If we get it right after we meet, for example, it could be a month before you hear from us regarding status. Of course, you can always email us with questions or anything else you think we need: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What devices do you support?

  • Currently, we support laptops (PC only). We can't connect a tablet or smartphone to our system. If you plan to have a digital presentation, make sure you can run it from a laptop.
  • For audio, we have connections that go right into the headphone jack on your laptop or smartphone. 
  • For video, we require, and only accept HDMI connections at this time.
*Any attendee who wishes to hookup their Mac computer to our system will be required to bring their own adapters*

I have no idea what kind of connections my device has. What should I do?

  • The best way to be sure we can support you is to take a clear picture of your laptop's connections and email it to, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Will you have internet or WiFi?

Unfortunately, no, we do not have WI-FI available in the event rooms. Please save all files you need for your presentation in a way that you can bring with you, such as on a laptop or USB drive.

Can I give out food or do a panel that involves food?

Unfortunately, no. We will have to turn down any panels that require food as it is the convention center's policy to not allow it.

My panel wasn't accepted. Can I submit another one?

  • Absolutely! A denied proposal is often a really good learning experience.

How do you schedule panels and pick rooms?

  • After the panel has been accepted, we take a look at your preferred schedule and the overall schedule availability to decide when and where your panel will be.We work hard to make sure your event is scheduled during your preferred hours, but sometimes we can't. You'll be notified in advance if we can't make your preferred times. Room selection is done based on panel attendance numbers we've been gathering for the past several years. If we find that a certain type of event or specific fandom is super popular, we try to fit it into a larger room. Of course, sometimes, the schedule works out such that only a smaller room is available during your preferred hours. Please don't take this as a slight to your panel!

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